Clay Farm Community Garden


We have set up a group to help get the community garden and allotments going and we would love to hear from you...

Our group is made up of local people with an interest in the community garden who want to help in various ways. We are currently an interim group to work on all things relating to the garden untill there has been time for anyone who would like to be involved and have an input to come forward - If that is you, please get in touch! If you know people who may be interested, please help spread the word. This garden is for the whole community to enjoy.

Who are we?

We are a group of local people getting together to design a community garden, on land set aside for that purpose, on the Clay Farm site at the new Cambridge Southern Fringe developments.
The community garden plot offers a rare opportunity for the people of Trumpington to design a neighbourhood space. Funding has been set aside, but the community garden is just an empty field at the moment. So whether you are interested in gardening, design, or simply socialising within your community, we would like to hear from you.
There’s a lot to do –and not just digging! So whatever skills or ideas you can offer, please get involved - take the survey, like the Facebook page or send us an email...

What do you think?

We're conducting a survey about using and managing the new Clay Farm Community Garden and Allotments, and your input would be appreciated. This will take you just a few minutes to complete.

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Find the garden

The garden is located between the chicken allotments and the new country park (Hobson's Park) with Hobson Avenue running through it. Have a look on the map below.

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Alternatively you can contact some members individually:

Lorelei Lodestar, Artist-in-Residence:

Dave Fox (Trumpington Allotment Society)